Snow and winter in Majorca

12.04.2010 · Posted in Holidays in Mallorca, News, Weather

We are now in december and christmas is getting closer every day, something you can really see waling in Palma. The christmas lightning is up and present on street after street and when lit it is really giving a feeling of christmas already.

Yesterday the first snow came to Mallorca, up in the mountains. Also in palma it was cold but no snow, just some hail instead of rain. Found some nice pictures on this blog,, they dont seem to be taken now though.

Christmas Market in pueblo español, Palma

12.01.2010 · Posted in News

Soon it is time again for the anual christmas market in Pueblo español in Palma. On december 4-8 from
12.00 to 22.00 you can visit the market and get some christmas feeling.
You could find all sorts of christmas articles in the approx 30 stalls that will be setup. And there will of course also be things both to drink and eat!

Sushi in Palma

10.20.2010 · Posted in New links

Just added a good link for all who like sushi and lives in Palma. is a webpage where you can order and get it delivered in Palma, order for take away or just check the menu before visiting the restaurant. Great sushi reasonable prices and a great webpage.

on wednesdays they also have offer 2 for 1 on special rolls, check their facebook page

Over 100 links

05.14.2010 · Posted in News

We’ve now been collecting links for approximately 2 months and the total is now more than 100. It doesn’t sound that much but it is definitely a start and it has also made us understand that it is not as easy as we thought to collect good links. There is also a lot of crappy webpages and we’re trying our best to avoid those to make the catalog as good as possible for you.

As many have pointed out our search has been down during almost a month but now it is finally back on.

Keep sending us links and let us know what categories we’re still missing!

Mallorca won and more sport links

04.12.2010 · Posted in New links

A great game yesterday and 3 new points to RCD Mallorca who is doing really good this season. But Football is not the only sport that Mallorca can offer. So in order to help you find other alternatives we will try to add some more sport clubs and activities here on

If you know any links do not hesitate to contact us, info(a)

Barcelona won yesterday, and Mallorca wins today?

04.11.2010 · Posted in New links

Yesterday evening was a great night for any fan of FC Barcelona as they managed to defeat Real Madrid and now has a great chance of winning the league. Tonight Mallorca is up and hopefully they will do what Barca did yesterday and win agains Valencia!

Since we hadn’t added RCD Mallorcas website already I will do so now, feel like visiting it right now just click here.

Never ending hotels and a sunny majorca

03.27.2010 · Posted in Uncategorized

To add links to all hotels in Majorca seems to be quite a job. Have done some of it now but to make sure the index does not end up as a hotel list only I will try to mix in some other categories now.

The weather here in Palma today has been wonderful!

Sunny, blue sky and warm!

New Design, new links

03.16.2010 · Posted in Uncategorized

Still working hard on how to display our catalog in best possible way. Are using wordpress as editor, but have a hard time finding a REALLY good link directory plugin so I guess we will have to create something from scratch.

Still, please keep sending in your links. We now have around 40 good ones but that is nothing!

Saturday Night Fever in Palma

03.15.2010 · Posted in New links

The world famous musical “Saturday night Fever” will come to Auditorium in Palma soon.
‘Fiebre del sábado noche’ as the title is in Spanish will be setup in end of march on the following dates and times,

March 25 at 21:30
March 26 at 18:30 and 22:00
March 27 at 18:30 and 22:00
March 27 at 17:00 and 20:00

More information can be found at the ArtEscénic webpage, click here, a webpage with tons of good information which we of course also will add to our directory!

Under Construction

02.28.2010 · Posted in Uncategorized

This page is under construction and soon we will present tons of great links to pages about Mallorca(majorca). If you have any suggestions of sites that should be included just add it below.