Photos from Mallorca, slideshow from flickr

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If you just know a little bit of what Mallorca has to offer you also know how many fantastic photos there is to be found, taken anywhere on the island. Found a group on Flickr with Mallorca photos only and it seems to be updated quite often. Somthing to have a look at when your next trip to Mallorca is too far away.

Golf in Mallorca

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Golf is very popular in Majorca. Not only is the weather great almost all year round, you will also find plenty of great golf courses around the island. Most of them have their own webpage, will list them in the catalog soon enough. But for now you can start by visiting one of these webpages that covers most of what you need to know about golfing in Mallorca.

Marathon in Majorca and Running man

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Found a blog about a man, who has decided to run 10 marathons in 10 countries in 10 months. Last one he finished was here in Calvia in Mallorca. His challenge is to push himself to the limit and at the same time do something for charity. when checking today he had already collected over 9000 pounds, not bad! Read more here

 For you who are interested in running a marathon in Majorca you should check out the TUI Marathon website. the Marathon is held every year in Palma, normally in october, and is a very popular event.This year a total of 8,368 runners and children participated.

Also found a marathon club from Mallorca with a webpage. So if you live here and are interested visit:

Rent a car in Majorca

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Found an article at saying that of all destinations Mallorca and Palma is where most britons hire a car for holiday. If this is the case you probably know about most care rental places already, but if not here are a few present online.

Hasso Rent a Car
Record Rent a Car
Europe Car

Mallorca Car
Gold Car
Autos Roig
Argus Car Hire
Gesman Rentacar (added 2011-07-09)

Santa Lucia in Placa Cort, Palma

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Santa Lucia, photo by Camilla Flodberg, borrowed from

One of the most swedish traditions you will come across here in Majorca is the celebration of Santa Lucia. Every year on December 13 the students from the swedish school in Palma sings christmas songs in Placa Cort. The swedish church also attends and offer swedish treats such as Glögg (warm wine with spices) and ginger cookies. If you haven’t seen it before you should go there this year!

December 13, 20.00
Placa Cort, Palma

It is free!

Read more at and

Win flights to Britain with Majorca Daily Bulletin and Monarch Air

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If you want to go to britain this winter there is now a chance for you to get the flight for free. The Majorca Daily Bulletin are together with Monarch Air offering the possibility of winning flights to Britain. More information to be found in the paper, unfortunately they do not give you any details online. If you do want to check some of todays news you can find them on

Porto Pi, the biggest shopping centre in Palma

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The biggest shopping centre in Palma is Porto Pi, located west of palma city close to Cala Mayor. To get here by bus you can take bus number 1, 3, 20 or 46. The centre has tons of clothing stores for all ages, some furniture and interior design stores, groceries in carrefour, restaurants and cafés and even a cinema.

And, after many years of no having no information at all on the web they are now finally online with their own webpage.

: Avinguda Joan Miro 174, Palma
: +34 971 403 000

Constitution day in Spain

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Today was a bank holiday here in Spain,  it is the constitution day. This day has been celebrated since the Spanish people adopted the National Constitution on december 6th 1978. If you are interested to know more in detail go to wikipedia. Since everything is closed I will spend it visiting the christmas market in Pueblo español in Palma. I have learned it costs 4 euros to enter and that you will get a gluhwein, warm wine with some spices.

More Fibonacci in Majorca

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It was not long ago I first heard about the fabulous bread from fibonacci. A bakery in ciudad jardin that sounds nothing but italian but seem to have norwegian owners. After i heard about them i had to try and it was indeed really good bread they had to offer, along with all sorts of delicious pastries. A while later they opened a café in portixol and just a few weeks ago they also have a café in santa catalina in Palma. Well worth a visit if I may say!

Some more information can be found on their webpage: